Briefly outline the incidence/ prevalence and main causes of chronic renal failure in Australia.

This is case study about Glenda who has Chronic Renal Failure. This assignment needs to be structured according to the conventions of academic writing, and include an introduction, an integrated conclusion and subheadings as required. You must write in essay style: do not use dot point format. The required length for this response is 2500 words.

Your response needs to be supported by recent evidence based resources to answer the following questions:

1- Critically analyse the diagnostics results to explain why Glenda has developed each of her clinical manifestations. Outline further investigations and nursing assessment that are required based on the findings.
2- Explain the contributing factors for Glenda’s chronic kidney failure, clarifying the modifiable and non-modifiable features of the disease and their primary management include the stages of chronic kidney disease and health promotion strategies for each stage.
3- Briefly outline the incidence/ prevalence and main causes of chronic renal failure in Australia.
4- Explain the treatment options for end stage renal failure. Incorporate a comprehensive comparison between each of the treatment options. Discuss the implications of each of the treatment options for Glenda, taking a patient centered care approach.
5- Critically analyse the difference between implied consent and compliance and how they relate to Glenda’s case. What are the legal and ethical considerations for withdrawing (ceasing) Glenda’s treatment?……………….

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