Briefly explain three uses of computers in a business entity.(6 marks) (b) In relation to office automation,summarize the points in favor of: (i) Centralization of data processing.(8 marks) (ii) Decentralization of data processing.(6 marks)

1.(a) Identify the advantages of conducting staff training programmes in a business organization.(6 marks)

(b) State and explain the training methods that a business organization can employ to train the office staff.(14 marks)

2.(a) Distinguish between the following sets of terms:

(i) Office layout and office landscaping.(4 marks)

(ii) Office safety and office security.(4 marks)

(b) Outline the factors taken into consideration when choosing the location of departments in an office.(12 marks)

3.(a) Define the following terms:

(i) Fidelity insurance.(2 marks)

(ii) Life assurance.(2 marks)

(iii) Workmen’s compensation insurance.(2 marks)

(b) Aids to trade provided by service industries enables traders to carry out their business operations more effectively and efficiently.

In light of the above statement,discuss the importance of the insurance industry to traders.(14 marks)






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