Boston Consulting Group Matrix versus Product Life Cycle approach

Boston Consulting Group Matrix versus Product Life Cycle approach

Drawing on the annual reports on Sears Holdings Corporation and the articles above, evaluate the business model of the company by emphasing how its product market and capital market interact to drive profit. What products does the company sell and what does it buy? You can use any known framework e.g. the Boston Consulting Group Matrix or Product Life Cycle approach to describe their product/service portfolio (product market). You are advised to focus your assignment on the financial and strategic side of the debate with a marginal focus on other business functions such as marketing or HR. Your work should also include a discussion of product portfolios, their relative profitability (or lack thereof) and that is how it may differ from a marketing or HR essay. Evaluate how the mergers and acquisition strategies of Sears have contributed to the company’s current position. You are also required to discuss the internal structures or architecture which need changing or revising as this business is on the brink of bankruptcy. In doing so, you should also discuss what you perceive to be wrong with the current business model in the light of other competition and new product developments from rivals. Finally, you should provide a few recommendations on how the company should respond to changes in its business and social environment to ensure its viability. As additional guide, always think in terms of how your critique affects the bottom line (whether from revenue or cost side).

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