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Whether it’s a scholarly review, opinion review, or a summary review, book reviews are an important literature genre mainly used by book websites online, magazines and newspaper companies and as school work for students pursuing various courses. If you are an aspiring author, book marketer, student, or a friend of reading, and you want to write a great book review on a certain book; here are some expert tips on how to write your great book review:

Outline a good plan for your book review

Planning is an integral part of success; it’s very unlikely that any project will succeed without proper planning irrespective of its size or nature. So, laying down a good plan is fundamental to the success of your book review writing. Your unique plan should make sure to include the following:

Proper preparation steps for writing the book review

First, you have to read the book and while on it, make sure to take notes. If possible reading the book several times comes in handy since it gives you a better grasp of the story, its setting, and characters. Then, classify the book into the category or genre that fits it the most; for example it could be fiction or non-fiction. By this time, if someone tells you “sum it up into one word” what would be your quick response? In other words, establish the main theme of the book.

Following that, determine the authors writing style or manner in which the writer makes use of tone, symbols, mode, and setting in captivating the audience, keeping them hooked up, and delivering the point home. Also, determine and take note of the format and structure the author employs in the book. This should include the layout, type of content including maps, pictures, and figures. Finally, make a note on how you classify the books’ merit in terms of its uniqueness and success.

Get down to writing your book review

Prepare a good draft starting with a unique heading containing well organized bibliographic information regarding the book. Then, follow it up with a catchy introduction that will grab the readers’ interest and attention. A good introduction will reveal what to expect upon reading the book; what it’s all about. Following the introduction, give a good summary that evaluates and criticizes the book accordingly. This should give your heartily opinion on the book; that is, whether you found it thrilling, interesting, or boring, and with strong supporting reasons. Eventually, wrap it up with a great conclusion that adds strength to your review.

Make your book review stand out

This is where you take time to keenly re-read your review, revise, and ensure that it’s flawless. It would be wise to let others read it at this stage, and gather feedback from them. Use the insight to polish and make the best out of it. Ensure that your final book review is nothing short of spectacular. Now, if you need help with writing your book review, Essay Lions has what it takes to help you out. We’re a team of book review writing experts armed with many years of experience, talent, knowledge, and great passion.

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