Benefit and need for african american women principals.

My previous paper was the experiences of female african american principla in urban elementary schools: a qualitative study

I’m changing the dissertation focus to Experiences of African American Women Principals in Urban School Elementary Schools: Focusing On Career Principals To Inform Indentification, Recruitment, And Retention In The School District Of Kentucky

I would like to add 15 more pages that focus on recruitment, retention, and identification on principals in Kentucky. Specfically Jefferson County Public Schools in Louisville, Kentucky.
The paper may need to be rearranged so that it flows properly with the already completed work. I still want a strong focus on the benefit and need for african american women principals.

Im current paper I would like to change the purpose to something like: The purpose of this study is to learn more about african american women principals whos in an urban elementary school district in kentucky for eight or more years and remain in the same..

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