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Keywords: ACL, anterior cruciate ligament, risk, women, screening
Injury to ACL is bad. It is considered one of the top 10? most serious/common sports injury ( ). The injury itself has a low force threshold for acute occurrence ( ). The impact of the injury on an individual is serious requiring significant medical inter-vention (surgery), rehabilitation ( ) and recovery time (). Due to its high rate of re-injury ( ) it may be considered a career ending injury for a professional dancer footballer. It has a relatively high incidence amongst participant of competitive sport, (highest prevalence in dancers, footballers) ( ). It is estimated to affect some XXX people each year in Finland ( ). Its incidence amongst young women who play sport is 5 to 6 times higher than men of any age group participating in similar sports ( ). It is to this high risk group that this study is dedicated.
This thesis is a systematic literature review of the key risk factors relating to ACL injury in young women and the clinical markers of those risks. The purpose is to develop a screening tool to identify individuals at high risk of ACL injury. It is proposed that this screening tool could be used by physiotherapists, sports coaches, teachers and sports women to assess an individual’s level of risk of ACL injury and so provide a basis of an exercise program for prevention or risk minimization of ACL injury. A deliverable of this project is a lecture and teaching material for physiotherapy students for assessing ACL injury risk for young women………………….

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