aspects of nursing case management

Instructions (1200-1400 words)

Each individual member of the group will be allocated one role and required to develop an entire Case Management File (from intake to case closure). You will work individually providing a direct service (case work) as well as collaboratively (case management) to achieve holistic client care.


Your role is Mental Health Worker


Your completed file must contain at minimum:

  • An event running sheet
  • Case management contact sheet
  • Assessement tool (inc genogram)
  • Release of information / Consent form
  • Individual client contract (if applicable)
  • Individual Treatment Plan/ Individual Support Plan / Contract
  • Progress / Case Notes
  • Evidence of Monitor & Review
  • Completed referral forms
  • Correspondence / Case Management MOU, Meeting agenda & minutes
  • Exit Plan / Case Closure
  • Evaluation of services provided

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