As an art, nursing relies on knowledge gained from practice and reflection on past experiences. As a science, nursing relies on: Experimental research Non-experimental research Physician-generated research Scientifically tested knowledge

Question one
Theories that are broad and complex are:

Grand theories
Descriptive theories
Middle-range theories
Presiciptive theories

Question two

“Nursing is therapeutic interpersonal process.” This definition was stated by:

Hildergard peplau
Jean Watson
Faye Glenn Abdelah
Martha Rogers

Question three

Self-care deficit theory was proposed by:

Virginia Henderson
Betty Neuman
Imogene King
Dorothea Orem

Question  four

Imogene King’s “goal attainment theory” is a type of:

Need theories
Interaction theories
Outcome theories
Humanistic theories

Question five

According to Neuman Systems Model, the increase in energy that occurs in relation to the degree of reaction to the stressor is termed as:

Lines of resistance
Primary prevention
Secondary prevention

Question six

Watson’s carative factors include all the following EXCEPT:

Forming humanistic – altruistic value system
Instilling faith – hope
Cultivating sensitivity of self and others
Strengthening flexible lines of defense









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