Applying Agency Theory and Watts and Zimmerman’s Positive Accounting Theory

The following assessments involve Work Integrated Learning (WIL) activities.  The focus of RMIT’s WIL policy is for you to ‘learn by doing in context and with feedback’ in realistic contexts.  This assessed WIL experience makes a significant contribution to development of your work-readiness capabilities by deepening your knowledge of, and skills at, core accountancy practices concerning the practical application of contemporary financial accounting regulation in the workplace.


Background Information and Reporting Task

You have been elected to the recently established Remuneration Committee of XXX Ltd. The Committee’s immediate task is to establish an executive compensation plan for XXX Ltd’s senior executives.

Applying Agency Theory and Watts and Zimmerman’s Positive Accounting Theory, prepare a report outlining the Committee’s recommendations to the Board of Directors for a compensation plan that will assist XXX Ltd to attract, motivate and retain the executives needed to achieve its objective of building an industry-leading company in terms of operational performance and the creation and protection of shareholder value.

Your report should identify the components of your proposed compensation plan as well as a justification for the inclusion in the plan of each component

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