An Essay on Conceptualisations of a Business Model

Part 1:
The Essay: 2000 words( 15 Harvard Style References)
The objective of this essay is to develop your understanding of the business model as a concept and how a theoretical understanding of business models can be used to explain the exploitation of innovations by organizations in real-life. To successfully complete this part of the assessment, you are required to write an essay based on the following:
“There are many conceptualizations of a business model in the academic management literature. Why do you think there are so many? In answering this question, make sure you describe and compare three business model conceptualizations from the extant literature. Of the three conceptualization’s, identify your preferred conceptualization and explain why you prefer it. To ground your argument, apply your preferred conceptualization to an example from real-life, that is, describe the exploitation of an innovation introduced in the last five years by a business using your preferred business model approach.”
The video is based on your essay’s finding, that is, what you argued in the first assessment piece. Students must explain their essay’s main arguments via a short video presentation. The video presentation should be a minimum of 3 minutes in duration and no longer than 10 minutes. Your video submission should be accompanied by a (Word document) transcript of what was said in the video.
The Online Video:
The objective of this video is to develop your (practical) video production skills and ability to explain difficult theoretical concepts to laypeople.
To successfully complete this part of the assessment, you are required to produce a short video that summarizes the key arguments of your essay. However, your video should not just be a verbatim repeat of what was said in your essay. It should be uniquely descriptive and explanative, and focus on explaining why you believe your preferred business model approach is superior or more useful in real-life than the other two you discussed in your essay.
To maximize your marks, you should pay special attention to explaining the innovation example from real-life and how it can be understood using your preferred business model approach. Students will be rewarded for using the video medium consistently and creatively. You should make sure your transcript makes sense without the accompanying video, that is, if someone reading it does not have the opportunity to view and listen to your video submission first……………….

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