Alinea Restaurant on the Cook side of Chicago city

Alinea restaurant, located in Chicago city was selected for the purposes of the current reviews. In particular, Cook was chosen, as the name resembles ‘meals’. Furthermore, the Chicago guidebook alphabetical arrangement started with Alinea Restaurant and since I like order and items that appear first, it fit my criterions fully! -Just between you and me, the truth is that this presented best gamble of a lifetime, since, I did not know anything in Chicago in the first place, never mind the restaurants there… Nonetheless, Alinea Restaurant remains an unforgotten experience; in my books, it has to be categorized as the best of the best, and not just because Michellin Guide has rated it a three star- the highest ratings for restaurants. The restaurant had the best dining, excellent reception, super services, and great staffs. The later were patient enough to make a lengthy reservation process-just on my behalf!



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