Administrative Appeals Tribunal (AAT) Written Submission

Administrative Law Assignment
(2500-word Administrative Appeals Tribunal (AAT) Written Submission)

Before getting started, please be noted that ALL of your work has to be based on AUSTRALIAN sources and authorities. If you have not complied with any of my instructions provided below, I will have to ask you to edit the essay. (For your information, this has happened quite often and I had to ask the writer to edit more than four times in one instance). Thank you for taking my work and I look forward to your awesome work.

Instructions: You will be required to provide a 2500-word written submissions based on a fictional AAT fact scenario. The scenario will include (as much as possible) tribunal documents as attachments. A more detailed description along with the assignment and other resources will be attached for your information. The aim of this assessment is to allow students an opportunity to adopt a problem-solving, process-focused approach along with practising the application of legal knowledge in the manner required by the legal profession.

You MUST footnote in accordance with the Australian Guide to Legal Citation (3rd edition)
(‘AGLC’). The AGLC is available through the UTS Library in both electronic and hardcopy forms. It is also available here: . Do not use previous editions of the AGLC as they are substantially different.


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