Abnormal Psychology

This is a branch of psychology that deals with unusual patterns of behavior, emotion and thought which may of may not be fathomed as leading to a mental incapacity or disorder . Abnormal psychology deals with psychology in a clinical context

Abnormal Psychology in Relation to Other Disciplines

In the development of any branch of knowledge, the contributions of other disciplines towards its growth cannot be denied. This means that a branch of knowledge becomes necessarily related to other disciplines.

Abnormal psychology and physiology

Physiology studies the physical structure and activities and psychology is concerned with the study of certain aspects of human behavior. Physiology studies the glandular and muscular, respiratory, circulatory and digestive activities. All these activities which fall within the domain of physiology affect human behavior directly or indirectly. Therefore, the relationship between physiology and abnormal psychology is quite natural.

Psychology and psychiatry

Psychiatry is a science of treating mental diseases. Abnormal psychology is not concerned with the treatment of mental diseases. It studies mentally ill persons from the theoretical point of view only. But both psychiatry and abnormal psychology are complementary to each other. It is not possible to treat a mental illness without the theoretical knowledge of the underlying principles.

Abnormal psychology explains the difference between a normal and abnormal person. But psychiatry tries to make an abnormal person normal. Needless to add that a psychiatrist can easily understand the causes of an abnormal behavior with the help of abnormal psychology.

Psychology and education

In a school, there are bound to be problem children. The job of the teacher is not only to teach courses according to a prescribed syllabus. His job is also to take care of the problems of children in such a manner that they also become normal as far as possible. The teacher has to forge out a new environment for the benefit of the problem children. This will be possible only when he has a good knowledge of abnormal psychology. True education implies the harmonious development of students. This may be possible only when the difficulties of problem children are removed, and this cannot be possible without the help of psychology.

Psychology and religion

In ancient days it was believed that abnormal behaviors of persons were due to the bad influences of ghosts, witches, and other evil spirits. So many priests used to give physical tortures to the people with a mental health condition for exorcising the evil spirits which have come to reside in their bodies. The progress in modern abnormal psychology has proved that mental illness is not due to the influence of evil spirits, but due to the maladjustment in one’s personality. As a result, the treatment of mental cases has reached the hands of psychiatrists from the religious priests.

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