A social or cultural problem

Assignments from Wednesday, 8 June 2016
Remember to read the essay for Wednesday-“Freemont High School” by Jonathan Kozol
Paragraph 3- Problem
Write a paragraph of 8-10 sentences in which you describe a social or cultural problem. Pick one of the topics. The paragraph may be hand written or typed. It is due at the start of class on Wednesday, 8 June 2016.


Describe a problem in a relationship with a spouse, family member (siblings, mother, or father), or friend.

2. Education

Describe a problem you experienced in your education or a difficult time in your education.

3. Community

You must define the community and then describe the problem you have experienced in that community.

Remember that your paragraph should contain the following information
1.Define the point- relationship ( or setting as appropriate to the topic selected) and problem – What and Who?
2. Clarify -Who and What’s involved? Add details. When did it happen? Or when does it happen? Where does it take place?
3.Examples or evidence – action or an example of how the conflict or problem manifest itself.
4.Explain the examples or evidence.

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