A Report on Construction Industry Economic Outlook

Students are required to produce a report to a client on the
construction industry’s future directions and possible business
directions. Report should not exceed 3000 words (excluding tables
and references). This assignment includes following tasks:
• Discuss the construction industry’s contribution to (and the
influence on) the macroeconomic environment.
• Present the past and current status of the construction industry with
the analysis of statistical data and policy papers/distinguished
speeches/press reports etc.
o Factual economic data from variety of sources such as
Australian Bureau of Statistics, Reserve Bank of Australia,
industry focused forecasting groups, government budgets
o And also opinions from reputed sources (budget speeches,
political announcements, speeches form members holding
responsible position in Governor of RBA, Chairman of MBA
or HIA etc).
ARBE2307 Economics of the Construction Industry – Course Outline 2015 11
• Produce a forecast report to identify the growth sectors of the
construction industry (building or civil engineering) in the light of
macroeconomic (monetary and fiscal) policies and market
conditions and recommend a growth sector to the client. A
synthesised discussion on both fact based hard (numerical data)
and opinion based soft data (speeches and interviews of a person
of authority in the area of economies) will provide the opportunity to
forecast the future. The discussion should be placed in the context
of Economic theories, particularly Fiscal and Monetary theories.
The report should be logically structured and ‘data analysis’,
‘synthesis’ and ‘evaluation’ be clearly identified…………

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