A performance appraisal tool that rates an individual against some standard is called?

Question One

In disciplinary situations of union employees, the burden of proof for the wrong doing falls on

The employee
The union
Both a and b

Question Two

A performance appraisal tool that rates an individual against some standard is called

Peer review
Trait rating scale
Job dimension scales
Behaviorally anchored rating scales (BARs)

Question Three

The type of audit used in quality control based on the assumption that a relationship exist between the process used by the nurse and the quality of the care provided are called

Outcome audit
Structure audit
Retrospective audits
Process audit

Question Four

A conflict resolution strategy in which superordinate goals are formulated for the achievement by conflicting parties is called


Question Five

The following are ’rights’ of delegation except


Question Six

The generational work groups born after 1986 are called

Generational Z
Generational Y
Generational X




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