A business report to the CEO, showing team allocation & budget by location or channel

Sales Team Structure, Roles and Rewards

Format:  A business report to the CEO, showing team allocation & budget by location or channel.

You must choose a B2B product or service that would be available in the Australian marketplace such as a computer or telephony system, a large piece of machinery or professional service such as major consultancy. Please Note: You may choose a product or service that is also available for the B2C market.

You are the Sales Director. Your task is to build a sales team structure that reflects appropriate staff numbers, their geographic location, their roles and remuneration packages, giving consideration to the distribution model that could exist and the costs and revenues that are assumed within this assignment. A National Sales Director (YOU) will need to be your starting point for a sectional Organisation Chart, and your own salary, benefits and bonuses will be part of your required budgeted costs.

Within your task is the need to investigate current sales salaries in the appropriate industry and you are advised to consider various incentive programs and include any that you consider appropriate. You may also wish consider internal and external sales roles, and web based structures. The product will likely define this choice.


Annual Sales:  $50,000,000

Gross Margin:  25% excluding Selling Costs but inclusive of Advertising and Promotion

Net Profit required: 10% of sales revenue

(Simply put: You have $7.5M to spend at full sales achievement – which is assumed)

The Product or service should be available in all States and Territories (and NZ if you wish).

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